2020... what a year! The year that forced us all to, amongst other things, slow down. It forced us to retreat to our homes and for the founders of AF Boutique, in a world filled with materials and choices, 2020 showed us what was truly important. As a result of that, we, like many others, have shifted the way we buy our clothing and spend our money.

Both of us have been making a conscious effort over the past year especially to purchase Canadian products, shop and support female-founded brands, local shops and ethically/sustainably-made products; and move away from fast-fashion. What we have found, though, is that it is not as easy as it sounds! 

We would like to make it easier for the average shopper to buy guilt-free and know they are supporting brands that believe in what they do.

At AF, you'll find a carefully curated selection of brands that fit these criteria, and we'll let you know too - if the product you're buying is from a female-founded brand, a brand that doesn't sell on that big e-commerce giant's platform (hint: rhymes with shmamazon ;) ), a brand that is small-batch, eco-friendly, organic, etc... the list goes on!  

We also promise to make sure you stay trendy af, while also feeling GOOD af about what you've just bought. 

You're gonna look cute af... xoxo

Antonina & Joanna